• 18 Yrs or older.
  • CELL PHONE or Land Line phone.
  • Live in the United States
  • Bank account or Bank Card to receive WEEKLY invoiced PAYMENTS.
  • Legal Name ( You must provide your legal 1st and last name. GAB Calls is not responsible for delays in release of funds due to inaccurate information submission.)

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IC’s Invoice payments will be based on total weekly talk minutes, average weekly hold times, and effective rates. An effective rate is defined as the percentage of total weekly calls that are billed as 60 seconds or longer in length.

If you generate 50 or more calls during the given invoiced period - and your average hold time for all calls/projects generated is:

12 minutes and higher              40¢ per min
10 minutes to 11:59 minutes    35¢ per min
  9 minutes to 9:59 minutes      25¢ per min
  8 minutes to 8:59 minutes      20¢ per min

  7 minutes to 7:59 minutes      18¢ per min

 Base Rate                                 15¢ per min

Hold Time:

This is the average length of time each caller is on the phone. Total minutes talked divided by Total calls.


Total calls for the week 85

Total minutes for the week 818.83

818.83 ÷ 85 = 9.63 Hold time.

Efficiency Rating

This is the percentage of calls less than 60 seconds. Calls less than 60 seconds divided by Total calls (including calls less than 60 seconds).


Total Calls for the week = 111

Total Calls less than 60 seconds = 26

26 ÷ 111 = 23.42%

For Advertising and Promotion here are the Premium Rate number:

800-355-8255  $1.99 Per Minute   

800-321-3399  $2.99 Per Minute    

800-568-7778  $3.99 Per Minute       

 800-433-1199 $4.99 Per Minute

Just a reminder these numbers are for ads only NOT to be given out during actual phone conversations.