Log On/Off          1-954-660-2666

Please remember the following in order to have a positive experience when logged into our system:

The automated system will ask you to enter your ID number followed by the pound sign & your password (your current password is the last 4 digits of your phone number) followed by the pound sign.

HANG UP your phone and be ready to accept calls. Your extension is now logged on, callers are able to select YOUR extension.

  • Make sure to answer your phone on the 1st ring.

  • Listen to the whisper message one time only.

  • Push one (1) to accept the call and say HELLO right away. (Note: the system only allows a certain amount of rings for you to answer, so if you don’t answer right away your call will go to another agent.)

  • Give the callers a realistic name. Such as Jennifer, Nicole, Kim, etc, etc; DO NOT username like Bubbles, Honey, Mercedes, Sugar, Porsche, etc... Etc. ….

  • When you are done with your call hang up, this lets the system know you are ready for your next call.

  • You MUST accept ALL calls while logged in.

Give callers your EXTENSION number. This is the only way a caller can get back to you so make sure that somewhere in the conversation you give out your EXTENSION number.

DO NOT give any personal information, e-mail address, website or solicit for another company.  Never ask a caller how many minutes they paid for. Never ask a call what number they dialed. We are a service bureau and our job is to answer the calls only!

When you are ready to stop taking calls, make sure you call 1-954-660-2666 to log OUT. If you don’t the system will continue to send calls.

***Remember, you can log yourself in as much as you want. We are open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.We will call to ask you if you are able to login to take calls. (Yes, even at night time!!! ☺ )

Please if you do not want to be disturbed at any given time of the day or night, turn your ringers off!!!

The LONGER your calls are the better your overall hold time the more money you make.

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